LPS Acan Easiest to Grow

LPS Acan Coral are one of the most easiest coral to grow in the LPS Acan family. The LPS Acan is generally suitable for intermediate aquarist. The colors of Acan cover most all areas of the rainbow. Giving your Aquarium a living flowing rainbow. With proper lighting for the Acan coral (low to medium lighting) and structuring the visual beauty can be hypnotically relaxing.

Keep the acan coral 4 to six inches away from other coral species as they can be aggressive in domination. Acans can touch each other but no other coral species. One example is the Acan vs the LOBO. Acan will be aggressive as they also can extend their stomach to reach other attacking species of coral. Acan are sensitive to light too much light on acans thus eventually die off.

Water Flow should be moderate as the lighting of coral Acan. They are best suited to grow on a calcium based skeleton. The growth of an Acan is not fast. Acans usually baby heads may take up to 3 months and then maybe up to a year for growth too full sized polyps. As they become full sized and healthy Acan eventually will start budding increasing in size.

Usual feeding typically maybe twice a week or every couple days. Night feeding at night at regular times. Powdered food are liquid food for LPS Acan is ok. Research the various formulations. In future we hope to also supply Coral feed to my best recommendations.

You can touch Acan