About Zoanthid Care

Zoanthids “Zoa” a soft coral easy care and is suited for the beginner aquarist. The Zoa is not a LPS or a SPS but a Soft Coral. Finding Zoa color variations of brilliant  blue, red, yellow, pink colors giving the aquarium unusual beauty of color flow.

Zoa can rapidly grow and spread. A polyps usually less than 1 inch and as a colony you will see the rapid growth. Different Zoa can touch each other and can mix in but it is not proven which one may over crowd another. Usually a colony can grow 2 – 4 cm per year.

Lighting for the Zoa is most preferred to medium or moderate lighting. Since most Zoa are found in the wild in shallow pools. Use of LED Lighting can bring out color schemes you never imagined.

If you find your Zoa is not opening much maybe a higher flow can help or increase the lighting. Even a mix of both.

While some Zoa are not toxic there must be care in choosing when you are a beginner as some Zoa do contain palytoxin (can kill even if small amounts absorbed thru the skin) and can be absorbed thru the skin. If you are not sure consult with the coral seller ask questions! Not all Zoa have palytoxin.

Zoa like eating meaty foods feeding them 2 or 3 times a week. Regularly same time and preferred in evening. While they do grow and spread usually every couple weeks you will observe polyps growing. The happier the Zoa the more polyps. Of course larger colonies means more polyp growth.